Star Trek's former BORG QUEEN, Alice Krige has landed the role of JOAN COLLINS in a new DYNASTY behind-the-scenes TV movie.

The British actress was stunned when she learned she'd be playing Collins and her bitchy character ALEXIS in DYNASTY: BEHIND THE SCENES because she didn't think she was glamorous enough - and she'd never even seen an episode of the top 1980s soap.

She says, "I had never seen an episode of Dynasty when I was asked to come in and audition. I'm a Dynasty virgin.

"Without hair and make-up we'd be nowhere. The engineering that it requires to produce my figure is fairly outrageous. If a bra strap were to pop the entire thing would collapse."

To make sure she was an authentic Joan, Krige read the actress' two autobiographies and staged Dynasty marathons for her and friends.

Dynasty: Behind The Scenes will air in America later this year (04).

25/03/2004 21:21