Paramount may be doing rival MGM a favor by showing the first full-length trailer for the new Star Trek movie when the James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, opens on November 14, the website suggested today (Wednesday). Disclosing Paramount's decision to link the trailer with the movie, the website observed, "Our current poll states that 45 percent of Trek fans will see 'any movie' or 'almost any movie' just to catch a glimpse of the trailer." Meanwhile, Star Trek director J.J. Abrams has responded to a YouTube video posted by William Shatner in which Shatner denies Abrams' claim that he "tried desperately" to put him in the movie and insists that Abrams never contacted him or anyone connected with him. In an interview with MTV News, Abrams said, "I think what happened was, I said we made many efforts or something to get him in the movie. I think he or his people interpreted that as we reached out and tried to get him in. I meant internally. ... I didn't wanna present him with something we didn't believe in. So we were trying to make this thing work, and it didn't happen."