BEN FOLDS has announced he is to collaborate on a musical project with British writer Nick Hornby.

The US singer-songwriter has proclaimed himself a fan of the High Fidelity author, having worked with him while producing an album for Star Trek actor William Shatner.

Speaking to, Folds said: "Nick Hornby and I are talking about doing a record where he writes all the lyrics and I write the music. His lyrics are great. These are really good words,"

Folds recently leaked several fake songs on to the internet to avert attention away from his genuine material - something which has inspired the collaboration with Hornby.

"[We will] write and record it in about three days, just like we did in Dublin with the fake record. It's fun - I'm excited about it. It wouldn't have been possible without the fake album."

Ben Folds' new album WAY TO NORMAL is scheduled for release on 30th September.

19/09/2008 11:59:49