Stanley Tucci has given everyone a surprise by revealing to the New York Daily News that he's a married man! It was already well known that the 'Hunger Games' actor had got engaged to actress Emily Blunt's younger sister, Felicity, back in October of last year. However the newspaper were given a surprised when he revealed to them that the pair had since secretly tied the knot.
Tucci and Blunt were there at a screening of 'Hope Springs' at the School Of Visual Arts in New York, and Blunt was cannily wearing double bands on her ring finger. Suspicious indeed! thought the paper's reporter and they asked the couple if they were actually married ,to which they replied with a resounding "yes". In this world of constant scrutiny, we can only applaud the pair for managing to get hitched away from prying eyes, and of course wish them the best!
The actor was there to support his 'Devil Wears Prada' co-star Meryl Streep. The pair aren't expected to keep quiet about their marriage for too long - well, they can't now - but they do have plans to cement it more publicly. A source close to Tucci, who has been wearing a band on his ring finger for months, claimed that the couple will have a second, more formal wedding with friends and family.