Tucci plays Mitchell Garabedian, the real-life lawyer fighting for justice on behalf of victims of the Catholic Church child sex abuse scandal in Boston, Massachusetts.

Garabedian spent decades battling to expose the scandal, which was eventually made public in 2002 following a probe by journalists at the Boston Globe newspaper.

Tucci has now revealed his portrayal of Garabedian was based on his own research because he was warned the lawyer was extremely cautious after years of working to uncover the truth, and was not "comfortable" in social situations.

The actor tells U.K. TV show This Morning, "He's very socially minded but he's not the most socially comfortable person. He's very wary, and I was advised not to even meet him... I never met him. The director and writer met him, but he's very wary. He's very, kind of, paranoid because he has been thwarted left and right by the Catholic Church and by other institutions in just trying to get justice for these victims."

Spotlight has been nominated for six Oscars at the upcoming Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Supporting Actor and Actress honours for Mark Ruffalo and Rachel MCAdams.