Londoners have come face-to-face with a lifelike moving polar bear which is stalking the streets of the British capital to promote Stanley Tucci's new Tv series Fortitude.

The actor plays a detective hunting a murderer in a close-knit village in the Arctic Circle, and producers celebrated the show's launch in Britain this week (beg26Jan15) by staging a scary publicity stunt involving a life-sized polar bear.

The beast, which is operated by two puppeteers, has been stalking the streets of London over the last few days, lumbering across Hampstead Heath and around the South Bank area, and it was even spotted taking a ride on the Tube.

Zai Bennett, director of Sky Atlantic, the channel showing Fortitude, says, "In Fortitude, there are 3,000 polar bears to 713 residents... To launch our new Arctic-noir thriller we wanted to bring a realistic polar bear to the streets of London to give people an up close experience of what it must be like to come face to face with one of the biggest, but uncredited stars of our new show."