The reunion was held at the iconic Elstree Studios in England, where most of Stanley Kubrick's movie was filmed in 1979, and the event was presented as part of The Elstree Project, a programme aimed at maintaining the famed facility's heritage.

In addition to co-screenwriter Diane Johnson, producers, cameramen, and various crew members, identical twins Louise and Lisa Burns, who played the Grady Twins in the movie, were also on hand to reminisce about their time on set, when they were just 10 years old.

Lisa discussed the family friendly atmosphere, recalling moments with a camera operator who would make sure the young girls were taken care of while working.

She said, "It's so lovely to be with the whole gang again. Mummy wouldn't let us have a cup of coffee and a donut each, just half a cup and half a donut. But he used to go around and get us an extra cup and a donut. It was like being part of a big family."

Making a surprise appearance via a pre-taped video was Danny Lloyd, who was just six years old when he played Jack Torrance's son Danny in the film.

He has stayed out of the spotlight since making The Shining, and he took the opportunity to dispel rumours of his whereabouts, revealing he's a father of four and teaches at a community college near his home in Kentucky.

In the footage, he said, "I know that I've kept a low profile, and I know people say that's because I didn't like the movie or didn't like the process of making the movie, but that's definitely not true. So I want to set the record straight and say that I really enjoyed the experience and the crew was like my family."

At the end of the video, Lloyd featured his young son Ben riding a bike around the house, eerily echoing the creepy scene he shot at Elstree Studios for the film 35 years ago.

The celebration continued with a screening of The Shining at a cinema in St. Albans, near the town Kubrick called home for 20 years until his death in 1999.