Three new movies by legendary screenwriter Stanley Kubrick are being brought to the big screen - seven years after his death. Kubrick, whose ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: AI was posthumously adapted from notes and drafts by Steven Spielberg in 2001, died in 1999 - but he left behind a treasure trove of film writings which are now being resurrected by film-makers. Among the papers was an 80 page outline for LUNATIC AT LARGE, a thriller charting an axe murderer who escapes from an asylum. The lead role has already been offered to Irish star Colin Farrell. Two other movies are also in the pipeline. Kubrick's widow CHRISTIANE says, "Stanley threw a lot of things away. These weren't among them, so he really liked these three projects. "I remember reading them at the time .He was very excited about Lunatic but then other things happened... the stories were packed and then we moved to England (in 1961) to do LOLITA here."