Legendary comic book creator Stan Lee is working with producer Robert Evans and HELLBOY writer PETER BRIGGS to create a new movie superhero - FOREVERMAN.

The film script focuses on a new breed of superhero who uses his unique powers to save the world from destruction, as well as dealing with everyday problems.

Paramount Pictures, who are backing the project, remain tight-lipped about the finer details of Lee's latest creation, but bosses are confident it has the potential to spawn a series of films.

GILL CHAMPION, chief executive of Lee's POW! ENTERTAINMENT, says, "We believe it to be truly a whole new franchise.

"In this world where people are looking for something different, Stan's idea was to create a concept not seen before to become an evergreen franchise for Paramount."

Lee's creations, including Spider-Man, X-Men and DAREDEVIL, have already scored big at the box office, while THE Fantastic Four is due for release in 2007.

02/03/2005 02:52