The daughter of legendary British comedian Stan Laurel is furious she has not been invited to the opening of London's Walk of Fame next month (SEP05) where her late father will be honoured.

The LAUREL AND HARDY star is among 100 legendary British and Commonwealth stars to receive silver plaques in the The Avenue Of The Stars - but 77-year-old LOIS LAUREL can't understand why she hasn't been invited to represent her dad.

A friend says, "Lois found out about it only a couple of days ago and hit the roof. She couldn't understand why no one had told her or why none of the family had been invited.

"She thinks it would be nice to represent the millions of Laurel and Hardy fans."

Other stars taking prime spots on the ceremony on 18 September (05) include Nicole Kidman, SIR Elton John and THE Beatles.