Staind frontman Aaron Lewis aimed an angry rant at fans during a show in Arkansas over the weekend (18-19Aug12) after members of the audience began slinging mud at the stage.
The band was performing at the Edgefest Viii festival in Little Rock, Arkansas on Saturday (18Aug12) when gig-goers began pelting the band with dirt, prompting Lewis to let fly with a furious tirade.
He told the crowd, "All right. So, obviously we're children and we can't play in the mud."
The musician then singled out the main perpetrator and ordered him to stop disrupting the show, saying, "You in the baseball hat right there, with the f**king long hair that's hiding his face... (If) I see you lump up one more mud ball and throw it at the f**king stage, I'm gonna have every motherf**ker around you kick the f**king s**t out of you. Yeah, you right there. F**king moron."