Stacy Keibler lost weight when she stopped exercising.

The 33-year-old model, who is planning to launch her own range of healthy foods and will host the new American reality TV series 'Supermarket Superstar', says she unintentionally dropped quite a few pounds when she embarked on a new diet recently and stopped working out for six months.

The blonde beauty told 'Access Hollywood Live' on Wednesday (19.06.13): ''I actually took some time off from working out just to see how my body reacted to certain foods by eliminating them out of my diet.

''I did no gluten, no soy, no dairy, I did no sugar. I was eating protein and vegetables.

''I felt amazing... I really do believe you are what you eat. When I was on it, I actually lost weight and that was without working out. So that was part of the experiment I wanted to do, was to see how my body my reacted.''

But Stacy, who recently revealed she would like to star in a romantic comedy, admits it was very tough to avoid alcohol around her boyfriend of two years George Clooney.

She said: ''I didn't have a drink because it has sugar in it. I think I may have had a drink when I went over to Europe.''

It was recently reported that one of the things the Hollywood heartthrob likes most about Stacy is her independence because too many of his ex-lovers suffocated him.

An insider previously said: ''She goes off and does her own thing whenever George is spending time with his pals or is deep into a film project - she doesn't even call him. But eventually, he starts missing her and he's the one who calls. She lets George come to her.''