Stacy Keibler makes her own ''super'' ice cream.

The 'Supermarket Superstar' has revealed she stays looking great by avoiding calorific treats but she can't resist the lure of the frozen desert so she makes her own healthy version which she can eat without ruining her sexy figure.

Stacy - who split from George Clooney after just over two years in June due to their hectic work schedules - said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight Online: ''I love to eat healthy and pretty clean. So one of my specialities is really trying to figure out how to recreate those comfort foods that I love and I miss but in a healthy way ... But really my speciality is super food ice creams that I make. It's no dairy, no sugar, no gluten.''

As well as ice cream and sweet foods, the former WWE wrestler also has a fondness for pizza - but she makes her own healthy version of the doughy, cheesy treat as well.

She added: ''I love to indulge in dessert and that's why I'm experimenting in the kitchen myself to try to make healthy desserts because I love to eat them so much. So if I'm going to indulge it's going to be something sweet probably. Or it's going to be a thin crust pizza!''

Stacy, 33, credited her mother's home-cooked meals for her enthusiasm for food which resulted in her developing her very own healthy food line before fronting cooking reality TV show 'Supermarket Superstar'.

The blonde beauty explained: ''You know my mom sent me to cooking classes when I was really young. And she was such a good cook herself. I had a home-cooked meal every single night growing up. I learned a lot from her and was also a big fan of the Food Network, like, even in high school my favourite shows were all on the Food Network.''