Stacy Keibler loves to vacation in Cabo San Lucas.

The 33-year-old former wrestler - who is in a relationship with Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney - is a huge fan of the Mexican hotspot and tries to get away whenever she can.

She said: ''It sounds so cheesy because it's probably everyone's favourite but I love Cabo San Lucas. It's a quick trip and just the ultimate paradise. I could live there forever.''

Stacy also loves exercising and says spinning - gruelling workouts on stationary bikes - is her favourite way of keeping in shape.

She explained to America's Star magazine: ''I love Spinning. I'm hooked - and I always feel amazing when I'm done. It's my stress reliever. I also do a ton of lunges regularly to tone up.

''I usually like to finish my workouts with a 30-minute run to finish strong. It's tough but feels awesome after.''

Stacy recently spoke of her belief it is important to look after her emotional wellbeing through meditation.

She said: ''I'm a big believer in maintaining a balance between body, mind and spirit. Take some time to meditate and restore your mind, even if it's just five minutes a day. It's so good for your overall being!

''You are what you eat. This is a major rule I live by and it's true. I've learned a lot experimenting with food and different cleanses.''