Stacey Solomon has admitted she tried Botox once but she instantly regretted getting the cosmetic treatment.

The 28-year-old star decided to have the wrinkle-smoothing injections in a bid to maintain her youthful looks but she soon wished she had kept her face chemical free because she lost the use of her expressive face.

In a panel chat on 'Loose Women' on Friday (23.02.18), she spilled: ''I did get a Botox voucher from my friend once, she wasn't mean that's just who she lives her life, she thinks you should do it while you're young before it all goes wrong.

''It does make you think, 'Will I turn into a bulldog overnight if I don't have it done?' When I look at people I see who they are, I don't think about how old they are.

''I did give Botox a go to see what it's all about, but it's the worse thing I ever did. I'm really expressive; when I'm happy I'm happy and when I'm angry then I'm angry. But when I had Botox I couldn't move my face and I was trying! It was the worst thing I ever did, I hated it.''

Stacey also vowed to never get cosmetic surgery in the future because she is comfortable in her own skin.

She added: ''I think I'm a pretty girl, I'm alright, I don't want surgery.

''We live in a culture where we don't feel comfortable being confident who we are.''

Over the course of the ITV daytime show Stacey also revealed that she only wears big pants and always gets the same brand because they are ''warm and comfy''.

However, her boyfriend Joe Swash was slightly shocked when he discovered she didn't don skimpy knickers underneath her clothes.

Former 'X Factor' contestant Stacey said: ''I have the same pants, and I go into the same shop and buy the same pants every time. Joe just accepts the fact I like big pants, he might have been shocked at first, now he's got used to it. I probably do have some skimpy stuff ... but I do like my pants to just hug me and be warm and comfy.''