Stacey Solomon became a trending topic on Twitter following her comical appearance on Celebrity Mastermind - the British quiz show that sees contestants answer questions on their 'specialist subject' before tackling a series of tricky general knowledge questions.
The likeable singer from Dagenham, who finished third on reality singing show 'The X Factor' in 2009, was appearing on the show as part of the current Celebrity series for charity - she was joined by comedian Simon Day, musician Steve Harley and chef Sophie Grigson. After accumulating six points on the subject of Channel 4 comedy 'The Inbetweeners', Stacey was tasked with compiling a considerable score in the general knowledge round to leave her with any chance of winning the competition. Presenter John Humphries' questions received some comical answers, including when Stacey was asked, "Which classic sparkling wine is named after the region of north-east France where it originated?" - she replied 'Jacob's Creek'. She also offered the answer 'Cockapoo' when quizzed, "Which breed of dog includes Springers and Cockers?" Twitter came alive with users discussing Stacey's good spirited appearance on the show, and while some users poked fun at her answers, many fans stuck up for the singer, with one saying, "Given the choice between spending time with Stacey Solomon & the kind of person who feels superior by sneering at her, I know who I'd pick". Another offered, "Stacey Solomon is actually really intelligent Anyone who judges her by the way she talks is ironically everything they think she is".
Despite losing out on Celebrity Mastermind - it's set to be a busy year for Stacey, who is expecting her second child with fiance Aaron Barham.