Stacey Dash has returned to the small screen in 'Single Ladies'.

The 'Clueless' star is appearing in the new VH1 relationships drama which boasts Queen Latifah as one of its executive producers and also features LisaRay McCoy from 'All of Us' in its cast.

Stacey play Val, who in the first episode - aired last night (30.05.11) - breaks up with her boyfriend and opens a high-end clothing boutique. Throughout the series Val reflects on the mistakes she makes in her love-life with her two best friends.

However, executive producer Stacey Littlejohn is adamant that the show shouldn't be compared to 'Sex And The City'.

She said: "It's a compliment in a way but some people will automatically hate it, too. I get very nervous when people use that comparison. I'm not trying to be 'Sex and the City.' "

Jeff Olde, also an executive producer, added that the show will help VH1 connect to its viewers.

He said: "We were missing a real opportunity to connect with our audience in new creative ways."