Squeeze are giving fans the chance to buy instant recordings of the band's upcoming shows at a post-concert pop-up shop.

The group has launched a new initiative which will allow gig-goers to purchase Cds of the concert they have attended shortly after the musicians leave the stage at every date on their upcoming U.K. tour.

The move will give devotees the chance to own live recordings of the band's yet-to-be-released new material, which will be played during the trek.

In a statement, frontman Glenn Tilbrook says, "When Squeeze signed to a major label in 1978 the phrase they used to describe our first album was 'A Giant Step Sideways'. That world no longer exists and I definitely don't mourn its passing. I love the opportunities and surprises thrown up by the digital age and the fading away of the major labels.

"Being able to innovate and take control of our own destiny is something I could only have dreamt of back then. So this Pop Up Shop tour is where we're at now... With the traditional record label no longer relevant for us, our relationship with the merchandisers is increasingly important in order to help us deliver quality products for our fans."

Bandmate Chris Difford adds, "The tour and album will prove I hope that we can move with the times and use our imaginations to sell our songs. I'm looking forward to next year and holding the old fashioned version of the new album in my hands, but for the meantime we are tooled up like travelling sales men and going on the road with new songs and our live show."

The shop will also sell ethically-sourced merchandise.

The tour kicks off in Guildford, England on 16 November (12).