British pop act Squeeze turned down the chance to reform for a US tour with reunited Crowded House, but they're closer than ever to getting back together. The COOL FOR CATS hitmakers, fronted by singer/songwriters CHRIS DIFFORD and GLENN TILBROOK, were offered a lucrative deal to support Crowded House this summer (07). Difford admits the band considered a reunion but fell short of making a commitment. He says, "We get offers all the time. We got an offer to support Crowded House on their American tour, which I think would be an amazing tour, but I'm not sure Glenn and I are both in agreement about how we would do it. "I think it will happen at some stage, but I don't know if this time is the right time. We need to sit in a room and discuss it, and we've got to have concrete plans, and we have to get a booking agent. "It has to be emotionally, spiritually and financially the right thing, and when all those planets come into line, then we will be there."