The Jackie Robinson biopic 42 is expected to score a victory on a Squeeze play at the box office this weekend as it receives a strong challenge from the fifth installment of the Scary Movie horror franchise. Each film is expected to earn around $20 million, with the biopic probably coming out ahead, according to industry forecasters. Nevertheless, BoxOfficeMojo writer Ray Subers observed on Thursday that no film based on America's pastime has ever opened with more than $20 million (although he's predicting that 42 will wind up with around $21.4 million). Warner Bros., which is releasing the film, is forecasting a modest debut of around $15 million. Meanwhile, holdovers The Croods and G.I. Joe Retaliation are expected to battle one another for third place, while last week's winner, Evil Dead, is expected to plummet as it competes with Scary Movie 5.