British rockers Squeeze are on the verge of a major reunion after founding members CHRIS DIFFORD and Glenn Tilbrook agreed to perform together for a new promotion.

Earlier this year (04) cable channel VH1 tried to persuade the COOL FOR CATS group to reform as part of the network's BANDS REUNITED series, but Difford insisted the time wasn't right for a get together.

Now, he and Tilbrook have agreed to put their differences aside to help promote the group's forthcoming biography SQUEEZE: SONG BY SONG.

The acclaimed songwriters will perform an acoustic set in London's BORDERS BOOKS AND MUSIC store next month (NOV18), prompting fans to hope a full reunion is just around the corner.

Tilbrook says, "We avoided each other for a few years and I think we probably needed to do that. Now we're at a stage where we can work together.

"What we want from our lives is quite different now, and that's hard to reconcile, but there's no need to reconcile it - we can work on the good bits."

21/10/2004 21:07