Cartoon favourite Spongebob Squarepants is expected to become the biggest seller in America this Christmas, with a range of merchandise flying off shelves.

Official products currently available based on NICKELODEON's talking sponge include a series of DVDs, a clothing line for men, women and children, video games, giant plush dolls, custom watches, a karaoke machine, a toddler car seat and a Spongebob TV set.

TOY WISHES magazine publisher JIM SILVER says, "You are talking about a property worth hundreds of millions of dollars just in the year alone. This is a bigger merchandising program than The Simpsons."

Spongebob, who counts Whoopi Goldberg among his ever-expanding list of fans, is even featured on an inflatable pineapple pool and on the number one selling line of children's and adult's boxer shorts for popular American store chain TARGET.

08/12/2003 17:07