Spiritualized recorded their new album AMAZING GRACE completely spontaneously - as frontman JASON PIERCE kept all the songs secret from the band.

The British rocker only let the group hear the new material minutes just before they entered the studio.

Jason was influence by the recording process of his pals, electronic jazzers SPRING HEEL JACK - who favour spontaneity over endless rehearsals.

Jason says, "We've always taken a different turn with each album.

"I was so influenced by the record I was asked to make with Spring Heel Jack, I got a musical education.

"They were talking music - my language - but it was a completely different world. They'd say, 'Who gives a s*** what the record sounds like? How was that to play?' They were into the expression of the moment.

"It was such a big deal for me. I wanted to bring some of that to our band. I wanted this record to be about excitement and that unique moment in time when it just came together."

16/10/2003 17:27