Spoof rockers Spinal Tap have reunited for a spectacular performance at the London leg of Live Earth. The band created for 1984 film This Is Spinal Tap - David St. Hubbins (Michael MCKean) Nigel Tufnel (Christopher Guest) and Derek Smalls (Harry Shearer) - were introduced onstage by their manager Marti DiBergi, played by the film's director Rob Reiner. He said, "When Al Gore asked me if I would reunite the band for live earth I was thrilled. After the film came out Spinal Tap and I fell on tough times. They were unhappy with the film and described it as a bloody pile of crap." The band were joined onstage by dancing dwarves dressed as monks as they performed classic Stonehenge and a new song, Warmer Than Hell, written especially for the event. At the end of their set they were joined by musicians from Metallica, The Beastie Boys and other artists performing at the event, to create a supergroup. Speaking after their performance, MCKean - as St. Hubbins - said of the Wembley Stadium venue, "They built a new one for us. Last time we came here it was a dump."