Spinal Tap will not only reunite onstage at the Live Earth extravaganza this summer (Jul07) - the rock spoof supergroup are also heading back to the big screen. The trio has teamed up with This Is Spinal Tap director Rob Reiner to shoot a new Live Earth-related short film. In the short, called simply Spinal Tap, comedians Harry Shearer, Christopher Guest and Michael MCKean talk about their charity endeavours, including a campaign to raise cash to aid starving ferrets. The film also brings fans up to date with the careers of Spinal Tap characters Nigel Tufnel, David St. Hubbins and Derek Smalls - guitarist Tufnel has been raising miniature race horses, frontman St. Hubbins is a hip-hop producer who runs a colon clinic, while Smalls is a recovering internet addict. The short film premiered at a Tribeca Film Festival launch gala in New York. Spinal Tap will perform in Wembley Stadium, London as part of the Live Earth concerts this July (07).