Moviemaker Spike Lee ran into trouble when trying to cast Rosario Dawson in his upcoming movie SHE HATE ME.

According to gossip website PAGE SIX, Dawson dropped out to take a role in Oliver Stone's Alexander when Lee refused to change the start of filming for her.

And Lee, who cast Dawson in SHE GOT GAME and THE 25TH HOUR, was reportedly incandescent.

A source says, "He said, 'I discovered you! I put you on the map! How dare you do Alexander over my movie!' "

Lee faced further trauma when casting the other roles - Jeffrey Wright left the movie after reportedly clashing with Lee, followed swiftly by rapper Mos Def.

Stars Bai Ling, Woody Harrelson and Q-Tip were eventually given the roles.

A representative for Lee didn't return Page Six's calls to comment on the story.

27/10/2003 16:58