Spike Lee's jazz legend father Bill Lee has come under fire from his neighbours who claim the musician is disturbing the peace with late night jam sessions.

The 84-year-old bassist resides in the New York City borough of Brooklyn and a group of local residents allege Lee is making their lives miserable by inviting "a constant parade of musicians" into his home for live sessions which often last until the early hours.

A neighbour tells the New York post, "I can't live like this. It's all the time. If (the music) ended at 10 (p.m.), I could almost deal with it. But you never know when it's going to start.

"I've even offered to help pay for soundproofing. They won't agree to anything. They'll say things like 'Your kids are getting a great musical education. What's the problem?'"

Lee, who has lived at the Fort Greene property for more than 40 years, insists his late night jam sessions have never been an issue until now.

He tells the publication, "I don't think of music as a problem. Music is a big part of this house. Always has been."

A police source has told the publication that cops have responded to 17 noise complaints at the Lee residence this year (13), but the musician's wife, Susan, insists the neighbours were aware of the problem before they bought their homes.

She adds, "You happened to buy a piece of property next door to a well ­known musician. You think people don't know that Spike's dad lives here before they move in?"