Spike Lee has been named an "honorary judge" of the Babelgum Online Film Festival, which seeks to recognize outstanding international filmmakers whose work appears on the Internet. In an announcement Saturday at the Venice Film Festival, Babelgum CEO Valerio Zingarelli said that the jury will be composed of "industry experts drawn from around the world" and that the general public will also have the opportunity to vote for finalists. It was not clear what role an honorary judge will have in the selection process, but Lee was quoted in Babelgum's announcement as applauding the Babelgum festival for showcasing the work of independent filmmakers, and adding that it "combines the value of a film festival with the openness of the Internet for those seeking to advance their careers." The festival, which is open to films screened at more traditional festivals from January 2007 to February 2008, will be showed on www.babelgum.com beginning February 15. Winners will be announced in April.