Samuel L. Jackson and Spike Lee stuck to an unspoken rule not to dredge up the past on the set of their new movie Oldboy - the actor didn't ask his director about his war of words with Quentin Tarantino and Lee didn't ask his leading man about the awful Soul Men, directed by his cousin Malcolm.

Lee has been very vocal about his feelings towards Jackson's pal Tarantino and his films, and he went into overdrive when the moviemaker's slavery western Django Unchained, which featured the Pulp Fiction star, came out late last year (12), calling on African-Americans to boycott the film and insisting he'd never see it.

But Jackson chose not to bring up the dispute and try to convince Lee that Tarantino was a good guy, and in return Lee didn't mention the film his cousin made.

Jackson tells Playboy magazine, "I did a film with Bernie Mac that was directed by Spike's cousin that I didn't have such a great time doing. We didn't talk about that either, other than my saying, 'How's he doing?' and Spike answering, 'Oh he's fine. You guys didn't get along so well, did you?' 'No, we didn't'. Boom, that was the end of it."