New Yorkers Spike Lee, SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS and Donald Trump were devastated last night (20OCT04) as they watched their beloved baseball team NEW YORK YANKEES' WORLD SERIES hopes dashed.

The BOSTON RED SOX beat the Big Apple boys 10-3 at the AMERICAN LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES game seven at the Bronx's Yankee Stadium and will now go on to play the NATIONAL LEAGUE winners in the World Series final.

Devastated director Lee, who at the beginning of the first innings proclaimed the Sox fans would be "cryin' in their beer", was forced to swallow his words as he and celebrity pal Combs watched the Yankees exit.

When asked by a BOSTON HERALD newspaper reporter, if he would cheer the rightful winners, Lee shouted, "In the words of Johnny Cash, 'Haiiiilllll, no.'

The SHE HATE ME film-maker promised to cheer for HOUSTON ASTROS or ST LOUIS CARDINALS, who will play the Sox on Saturday (23OCT04), saying, "I'm rooting for the National League all the way."

Manhattan resident and THE APPRENTICE star Trump watched the game from GEORGE STEINBRENNER's luxury box and stormed out of the stadium when his team lost.

However, the celebrity Red Sox fans were full of joy, former NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK singer Joey McIntyre enthused, "I knew we'd come back."

Other stars at the game include Billy Crystal, Mary Tyler Moore and Michael Bolton.

21/10/2004 14:02