Director Spike Lee is still reeling after his feud with Quentin Tarantino, when the Pulp Fiction director claimed his films were more popular to black audiences.

Lee claims Tarantino told him he knew more about African-Americans and black cinema-goers prefer his films.

The Malcolm X movie maker says, "He said, 'No black people watch your films.' For anybody to say they know someone else's culture better than they do! Even if they think it."

He also accuses Tarantino of encouraging white people to use the word "n**ger" - through his use of it in films.

Lee adds, "He got a lot of white boys messed up using that word around the wrong black person. 'Hey what's up my n**ger?' Say it to the wrong person and you get your head punched in."

14/06/2005 13:51