Director Spike Lee confirmed Edward Norton's reputation for meddling with the film-making process - but insists his input in 25TH HOUR was valuable.

Norton gained notoriety when American History X director Tony Kaye removed his own name from the film credits, claiming the actor had doctored the film behind his back.

But Lee says, "I'm not going to lie. He has a lot of ideas and I respect that because basically it comes down to this when you're dealing with actors - as they thinking about what's best for the film or are they thinking about what's next for them?

"Actors can be some selfish m***********. They don't care what happens to the film as long as they get their close-ups and they get the most lines.

"I've experienced actors who take lines, try to bamboozle you to take lines from other actors and give them to them. But Edward comes from a good place. He wants what's best for the movie. Then there's no problem."

05/05/2003 17:22