Moviemaker Spike Lee is hunting for the perfect James Brown, so he can make a start on a planned biopic of the soul legend. Lee, who was picked to direct the film by producer Brian Grazer after he acquired the rights to Brown's life, plans to act quick while the Godfather of Soul's Christmas Day (25DEC06) death is still fresh in people's mind. He says, "Now that he's passed, it changes everything." But, despite the rush, the Malcolm X director insists he won't be hasty when it comes to picking the right actor to portray Brown - and he insists his star won't be expected to sing. He adds, "Whoever we have is going to be lip-syncing. We're not trying to impersonate him." Grazer is confident the film will be an accurate biopic after securing the services of Brown's best friend and confidante REVD AL SHARPTON, who was the first person told of the soul star's death.