The Amazing Spider Man trailer has officially hit the web, revealing the on-screen chemistry between stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. The new promo features a scene in which Stone, playing Peter Parker's love interest Gwen Stacey, leans in to kiss the mysterious superhero.
The actress has previously promised fans the reboot contains plenty of romance, and another scene features Stone gently sponging Garfield's bleeding torso. The clips are reminiscent of the on-screen chemistry between Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst in Sam Raimi's 'Spider Man' movies. The pair famously scooped the award for 'Best Kiss' at the MTV Movie Awards in 2003. Garfield was the surprise choice to become the new Spider Man, given his relative inexperience on-screen, however, he was praised for his role in David Fincher's multi-award winning The Social Network. Stone is quickly becoming one of the most talked about actresses in Hollywood, having starred in 'Zombieland', 'Easy A' and the romantic comedy 'Friends with Benefits'.
Elsewhere in the trailer for 'The Amazing Spider Man', Peter Parker's childhood is explored and audiences look set to learn why his parents left him as a young boy. Peter is seen have a heart-to-heart with his father, who tells him he must stay behind with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben.