Spider-Man's alter-ego Peter Parker and MARY JANE WATSON have split after 21 years of marriage in the pages of the latest Marvel comic. The fictitious couple's memory of their time together was erased as part of a sick deal with villain Mephisto in return for Parker's unwell Aunt May to regain her health. Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada admits the split plot was a tough decision, but he feels Parker will be a better Spider-Man as a single man. Quesada says, "When we first did it, the reaction was, 'How could you do this? This is a terrible thing to do.'" But letters from fans responding to the shock divorce in the current issue of the comic suggest they like the idea of Parker and Watson going their separate ways. The editor explains, "Our letters very quickly changed to people saying, 'This is fantastic. This is the Spider-Man we remembered. We didn't know what we'd been missing.'" Spider-Man creator Stan Lee calls the current plot "a very creative idea".