The official opening of troubled Broadway musical Spider-Man: TURN OFF THE DARK was postponed to allow director Julie Taymor to incorporate "new ideas" into the storyline, according to producer Michael Cohl.
The show has suffered a number of setbacks since it began preview performances in November (10), with a series of onset accidents and further safety inspections forcing producers to push back the launch date until January (11).
On Friday (17Dec10) it was revealed the big-budget play would be delayed once more, opening in February (11) instead.
But producer Cohl has defended the decision to postpone the grand opening, insisting it was necessary to give Taymor adequate time to revamp certain aspects of the show.
He tells Rolling Stone, "It was a culmination of reasons. This is a continuing process. We're previewing, which takes away from our time to iron out wrinkles and put other things in.
"(Taymor had) some great new ideas over the last two or three weeks. We said, 'Yeah, let's put them in.'
"But if it takes a week for everybody to figure things out and put them in the show, well, we don't have that many rehearsal hours between now and January 11th."
Cohl adds that the new launch date will give the musical's composers, U2 rockers Bono and The Edge, time to perfect the sound as they've had to skip previews due to tour commitments in Australia.
He adds, "They couldn't be here to work on the songs, and tweak things in the sound. So we turned it into a positive rather than a negative. If we delay it for a month, Bono and Edge will be back from Australia, and Julie can get everything done that she wants."
Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark will now open on 7 February (11).