Spider Man 'Turn off the Dark' finally makes its official debut on Broadway tonight (14th June 2011) following a tumultuous few months that has seen cast-members hospitalized and producer Julie Taymor leave the project. Spider Man actress T.V. Carpio says it was "crushing" to read negative reviews of the show, but insists it helped the team pull closer together.
At a cost of $70 million, the production is already the most expensive Broadway show of all time. Previews of the musical have been savaged by theatre critics, but Carpio told the Hollywood Reporter it made the team stronger, saying, "It sort of banded everybody together. Of course it's crushing when somebody doesn't like your work, but it's like we felt that they were not judging a finished product. It's like coming to a new restaurant and eating the food before the whole menu has (is) done". Carpio insists tonight's audience will enjoy a "completely different" show from the one developed over the past year, saying, "Family friendly, not as dark, more clear. These are the things I heard were goals". It has been reported that Bono and The Edge's music has been modified to fit with the new look production, but Carpio claims the U2 stars have been heavily involved despite the problems, saying, "When they are here, they're in it, they live and breathe it, and have their hands in all the music, and they're always wanting to make things better".
Spider Man 'Turn off the Dark' is set to begin its official run at Foxwoods Theatre in New York City. The show features performances from Carpio, Reeve Carney, Jennifer Damiano and KEN MARKS.