Polka veteran BERNIE GOYDISH is suing bosses at SONY PICTURES after they used his 1974 composition SUICIDE POLKA without permission in Spider-Man 2.

Goydish accepts Sony Pictures gave him credit for the instrumental, but no cash.

Goydish has taken his case to American scandal show CELEBRITY JUSTICE in a bid to get Sony bosses to pay up after they initially dismissed his claim for payment.

He says, "Hopefully, this piece that you're doing will light a fire under Sony and Sony will get back to me and say, 'Let's resolve this.'"

Sony's legal bosses have already responded to the piece on the TV show, insisting they did nothing wrong and merely licensed the track through ROBERT SCHACHNER, who is credited with arranging the instrumental in the film.

Schachner has given Goydish a stack of polka CDs as a pay-off, but the original composer of Suicide Polka wants the cash.

Goydish is staying upbeat about the matter: "It's neat to know that after so many years a dormant piece of music ends up in one of the biggest blockbuster movies in history. It kinda makes you feel good."

31/01/2005 02:33