Hollywood hunk LEONARDO DiCAPRIO was offered the roles of Spider-Man and Star Wars hero ANAKIN SKYWALKER, but turned them down because they failed to pass his "passion test".

The TITANIC hunk complains 92 per cent of the parts he's offered are appalling, and he was so disappointed by the SPIDER-MAN and STAR WARS: EPISODE I - THE PHANTOM MENACE scripts, he immediately rejected the blockbusters.

He explains, "Yeah, I turned down Anakin and Spider-Man straight away. I read almost all of the scripts but 92 per cent, to give you a precise number, are pure crap.

"If they're not able to get close to what you feel you deserve, you wonder who's financing it and backing it. Usually when I want to do something, I know immediately, and then I do it."

16/12/2004 13:51