Spider-Man 2 star Donna Murphy had no problems pretending to deal with croup in Scarlett Johansson's new film THE NANNY DIARIES - she had been through the hell of the viral infection with her own daughter a month before filming the scenes. The actress plays nanny Johansson's mum in the new movie - and she's called on to help her daughter when a charge falls ill. Murphy explains, "I got this film about six months after I adopted my daughter. It was great timing in terms of perspective and she even got the croup like a month before, so I knew what the croup was when I read the script because the little guy gets the croup in that scene. "My character is a nurse and she knows how to deal with it. I was telling them there was a few things in the writing that I said, 'You know actually when a kid has the croup,' and they're like, 'What, are you an expert on the croup?' And I said, 'Well my daughter had the croup about a month ago and her doctor said steam really helps.' So, you see, life informs art."