The Spice Girls were captured in the same room together for the first time in five years, recently. Most of the band looked enthralled to be there. Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice) babbled nonsensically, like a toddler pumped full of E numbers, Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) did her cutesy grown-up routine and the two Mels were positively brimming with positivity about their reunion. Meanwhile, Victoria Beckham - arguably the most famous and the richest of the lot - shuffled about at the end of the line, muttering platitudes about 'empowering women' and looking as though she would rather be anywhere. Anywhere else in the world at that moment, than with these over-excitable Wannabes. You know - the ones that helped make her famous in the first place. Well, them and David Beckham.
There have been rumours for weeks now, that the girl group might be performing at the Olympics closing ceremony but the "sticking point" according to the Daily Mail, was, unsurprisingly, Victoria Beckham, who was "extremely reluctant." Presumably someone has reassured the fashion-conscious Posh Spice that the band don't have to resurrect their original noughties outfits for the performance, because she has finally given in and signed on the dotted line.
A source confirmed the news to MailOnline this morning (July 20, 2012), so Spice Girls fans will get the chance to see all five of their Girl Power heroines performing together once more. It has also been reported that their 1996 breakthrough track 'Wannabe' will be one of the songs that the group will perform.