The Spice Girls are expected to disappoint fans by using state-of-the-art sound technology instead of singing live.

Reforming for a new world tour seven years after splitting up, the five former pop stars are reportedly planning on using pre-recorded songs which are then used to aid the girls' live singing when on stage.

The hi-tech system will mean previously recorded and perfected songs will be used to "repair" the singer's online voice. As they sing on stage, a computer digitally compares it to the perfect vocal sounds already recorded and instantly corrects any mistakes.

"As they sing, the computer program corrects the mistakes so that the sound comes out as the desired sound - so they appear to be able to sing really well live," an industry source told the Daily Mail.

Some members of the group, including David Beckham's wife Victoria, are thought to benefit more than others, as the vocal talent in the group is varied.

The group could perform as soon as next Sunday for the Concert for Diana at Wembley Stadium.

27/06/2007 12:53:09