Will Posh Spice be able to crack a smile during The Spice Girls ' Olympics closing ceremony? She recently told Glamour magazine that the world of fashion had 'stolen' her smile and there wasn't much sign of it returning during the band's rehearsals, if the Daily Mail's pictures are anything to go by. It looks as though they're pulling out all the stops for the show, with iconic black London cabs apparently being deployed for their dramatic entrance and the rest of the band seem to be enjoying themselves, at least.
The actual stage outfits will probably have to wait until the ceremony on Sunday (August 12, 2012) because the Girl Power troupe were looking decidedly casual in these candid snaps. Victoria Beckham was wearing a black ensemble, clinging serenely to the handrail on her podium, Emma Bunton - aka Baby Spice - was wearing a floral dress and some snazzy pink heels, Mel B - aka Scary Spice - opted for a white vest and jeans, with thigh-high black boots and Sporty Spice went for a black top and leggings and some Ugg-style boots.
Meanwhile, Geri - Ginger Spice - was rocking a pair of denim cut-offs and a loose vest. Fans of the bands will no doubt be desperate to see whether or not they'll be dusting off their old stage outfits for the actual show. Surely Geri Halliwell's union flag dress is going to get an outing. It is the London Olympics after al! It'd be rude not too. And if Geri's dusting off the dress, perhaps Victoria could dust off her smile, for the occasion, too?