Spice Girls' manager doesn't care about ''meaningless'' streaming figures.

Simon Fuller has opened up about the modern trend of stats and social media numbers, and insisted that all that matters is how quickly tickets have sold for the group's upcoming nine-date arena tour.

He's quoted by the BBC as saying: ''There's no music out, the streaming on Spice Girls, we don't even bother looking at it because I haven't a clue what it is, my guess is it's not very much.

''It's the fastest selling, biggest selling tour this year, because people engaged with them, they are engaged with them, the girls are awesome, they have a message which connects and we will sell out more stadiums, quicker, than any other artist on planet Earth. Fact.''

Currently, the Spice Girls - made up of Emma Bunton, Mel C, Mel B and Geri Horner - have around 333,000 followers on Instagram, compared to Little Mix's 10.9m.

His comments come after recent reports that the band's plans for their own cartoon after it was snubbed by TV networks and film studios.

A source previously said: ''The girls all felt the project would be snapped up in a big-money deal, but to date nobody has optioned it and they're finding it difficult to get it off the ground.

''They have a production deal to make the animation but nobody has bought the rights to broadcast it yet, which came as a great ­surprise to the girls.

''Geri and Mel B, especially, have been really keen to see themselves made into cartoon characters and launch their legacy to a whole new youth audience. They were hoping that Marvel or Disney would pick up their movie but it just hasn't taken off.''