Both the BBC and ITV are eyeing the Spice Girls as big ratings winners in their ongoing Saturday night ratings war, a tabloid report claims.

The Mirror claims the two broadcasters want the reformed Spice Girls to appear on their biggest programmes – ITV's The X Factor and the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing.

Both have previously featured guest appearances by big-name stars and adding the Spice Girls – who announced their decision to reunite for a concert tour earlier this year - would certainly prove a worthy addition to the list.

But, according to the Mirror, the shows are such "bitter rivals" that Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, Victoria Beckham, Mel B and Mel C could only appear on one of the two.

Last year Baby Spice Emma Bunton – who now has a baby of her own – competed on Strictly Come Dancing and so may prefer the latter.

A BBC source told the newspaper: "The girls could perform a song or simply come down for the evening and give a few comments on the performances of the celebrity dancers."

"We would love them to make an appearance in some capacity."

23/09/2007 15:59:06