Songwriter and producer Eliot Kennedy, who penned the legendary girl group's 1996 chart topper Say You'll Be There has been helping Geri Halliwell, Melanie Brown and Emma Bunton work on new music ahead of a planned reunion.

Disaster struck when the musician's laptop computer was stolen from the K West Hotel in London, resulting in Eliot taking to Twitter send a foul mouthed message to the thief.

"A total and utter b**tard has just stolen my laptop and studio bag out of the K West hotel lobby," he wrote, adding, "Die in pain you p**ck."

The theft of the equipment has sparked fears that the Spice Girls' long awaited comeback may be wrecked by the premature release of the material Eliot was working with them.

"It's a worry, everyone is thrilled with the song and don't want it leaked," a source tells Britain's Daily Star newspaper. "They (Emma, Mel and Geri) were working out just when to unveil it. Now that decision could be out of their hands."

However the producer does use extra security measures to keep the sensitive musical material on his laptop safe, and believes this will keep the thief from accessing any sensitive files.

"To the thieving b**tard that stole my equipment. It must really suck that my laptop and iPad are encrypted and worthless," he added in another post on the social media site.

The episode is just the latest mishap for the Spice Girls ahead of their planned reunion. They are already two girls down as former members Victoria Beckham and Melanie Chisholm are not currently part of the planned return.

The girls were also forced to delay plans for a reunion tour, which was originally planned to coincide with the 20th anniversary of their 1996 rise to the top of the charts, due to being unable to book their desired venues.

Instead, they are now rumoured to be planning a major concert in London's Hyde Park in July next year (17), although the plans are yet to be formally confirmed.