In an interview for Show and Tell's On the Couch series, Bassingthwaighte opens up about her relationship with Scary Spice, admitting she didn't approve of the Brit's attitude.

"Mel loved to be the bad person, she actually just loved that role," Bassingthwaighte said. "It's not like they gave her that role to be that - she kind of is that."

And the singer admits things got a little frosty behind the scenes - because the Brit, real name Melanie Brown, was such a diva, apparently.

"Mel and I are very different people," Bassingthwaighte added. "We got on well but I wouldn't behave a lot of the ways that she behaved for sure...

"We'd go to a photoshoot and she would either arrive really late or not rock up at all. Or the photographer would be like, 'Can we get this shot?' and she'd take one shot and be like, 'No, I'm done'."