Spice Girls star Melanie Chisholm is adamant rumours linking her to British Dj Chris Moyles are false, insisting: "I am still single."

The British singer split from her longterm partner Thomas Starr in 2012 and sent gossips into a spin last year (13) when she grew close to former Bbc presenter Moyles, her co-star in a stage production of Jesus Christ Superstar.

However, Chisholm has now spoken out to dismiss the rumour and confirm she is still without a man in her life.

She tells Britain's Seven Days magazine, "Chris Moyles is now one of my closest friends - who would have thought? Appearing in the show Jesus Christ Superstar brought me so much more than I ever anticipated. But he's not my boyfriend. Chris and I laugh so much about rumours we are a couple. I actually think he quite likes the rumour and would like to keep it going."