Former Spice Girls star Emma Bunton has launched a new campaign to support the world's poorest countries in the fight against tetanus.

The Wannabe hitmaker has teamed up with Unicef and bosses at baby products company Pampers in their Every Parent's Dream campaign to provide vaccinations to countries where the spasm-inducing infection can prove deadly for mothers and their babies.

The singer, who is mum to two sons - Beau, six, and Tate, two - has voiced her support for the cause in a bid to raise awareness and to encourage families worldwide to join the campaign.

She tells Britain's ITV News, "Unicef and Pampers have been working together now for ten years and in that time amazingly they have eliminated it (tetanus) in 10 countries and we have saved millions of mothers and newborn babies all over the world.

"But there is still so much to do and the wonderful thing about Unicef is they will carry on until we eliminate this from all of the countries. They do amazing work... Every woman deserves that chance for their child to have a good start in life, it's so important for them."