While back busy in the recording studio the newly reformed Spice Girls were apparently busy throwing diva-style demands and strops.

The Sun newspaper reports that the behind-the-scenes work on their new single Headlines (Friendship Never Ends) saw a fair deal of tears, hissy fits and celebrity demands.

Posh, Ginger, Baby, Scary and Sporty met up on Friday to shoot the song's promotional video at Pinewood Studios in London.

Victoria Beckham reportedly lived up to her moniker and had an assistant following her around with champagne and fruit while Mel B is said to have spent the whole time complaining about her jetlag.

New mum Emma Bunton is rumoured to have cried as the shoot ran into the early hours of the morning - with the timing not helped by Geri Halliwell's reported meditation sessions.

"Things were very delayed," a source told the Sun.

"The director was tearing his hair out and threatened to walk… the shoot just went on and on."

An item posted on the Spice Girls' website described the shoot as "a long but relaxed day" with "an air of anticipation and excitement".

"What's really wonderful is just being able to hang out with the girls again like this," Victoria told the site.

The Spice Girls reunion tour is set to kick off in Vancouver on December 2nd.

22/10/2007 16:42:04